Swaan XTREEM QuadForce 720p Video Drone

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The Quadforce HD Video Drone takes flying to a new level with 4 axis and a lightweight yet durable construction. You can fly in any direction and perform 4D stunts, tumbles and advanced flight moves such as continuous rolling. It's not limited by gravity, only your imagination. Leave infrared in the past, as this Drone uses the latest 2.4GHz frequency for a stronger signal outdoors up to 100ft / 30m and a unique 360 degree flying experience that makes RC helicopters seem so last century! It's the perfect toy for anyone looking to graduate from a traditional RC helicopter to something a little more challenging. The Quadforce has talents most RC toys only dream of. With an onboard color HD video camera and microSD card stored in the undercarriage you can record color (720p resolution) videos of your flights. From there you can transfer the video files to your favorite websites such YouTube & Vimeo. It's easy to get started. Simply add 4 x AA alkaline batteries to the remote control then charge the quadcopter by connecting the USB cable to your computer for up to 100 minutes. Once charged, you're up and away with 8 minutes aerial flying time per charge!

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