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Is my transaction secure?
Yes. All transacations are processed through Paypal's secure site. Please see our Privacy Policy for details, or contact us for more information.

Which credit cards do you accept?
For website orders, all transactions are processed through Paypal. Paypal accepts Visa, MasterCard, and American Express. In the store, we accept Visa and MasterCard.

Do I need to have a PayPal account before I buy anything from your site?
No. Paypal allows first time buyers to pay by credit card through their site.

What is your return policy?
Please visit our Warranty & Returns section for details.

Do I need to setup an account?
No. You can purchase items from our website by clicking on the Check Out With PayPal button. You don’t even need a PayPal account.

Uh oh, I've forgotten my password. What now?
Lucky for you there’s a password retrieval system! Simply click “Forgot Your Password?” and a new one will be emailed to you.

How do I contact a live person?
You can contact our store during regular business. Please visit our Contact Us section.

Can I pick up orders at your store?
Yes, you will have the option to select "For In-Store Pickup" when checking out.

What are your store hours?
Please visit our Contact Us section for our Ottawa store hours.

How can I get more product information?
Customers who have purchased from us will have the option to give feedback on an item. We also will, wherever possible, provide a manufacturer’s website link to an item. You can also contact us directly by email and phone.

Is this all the stock you have, or is there more in the store?
We get a lot of stuff! And though most of it will make it on the site, it’s certainly not a complete listing. If we only get a few of one item, they usually won't make it to the site. If you’re in the area, drop in – we’d love to see you!

Will I be charged the OES disposal fee on purchases?
For an explanation of the Ontario Electronics Stewardship program, please click here. OES fees will not be charged separately on your receipt. Refurbished goods are exempt from the OES program, and since those items make up a large portion of what we sell, we were given the option to opt out.

What does "refurbished" mean?
These are items that have been returned off of lease from a company (as in our desktops and laptops), or have been returned to the manufacturer from either the end user or a store. In either case, the items have been tested – with defective or worn components replaced – and sold to us. We test all desktops and laptops we sell. Since the vast majority of these includes the Windows licence sticker, we load Windows on to them, and then perform all of the Windows updates. This way we can assure you that you are buying a computer that is ready to go once you turn it on.

What does "open box" mean?
Sometimes we receive items that are marked as “refurbished” but have never been used. This is often the case with our newer Dell desktops and laptops. A Dell customer has ordered the machine, but for whatever reason, they chose not to accept it when the courier arrived. The machine then goes back to Dell, where we purchase it at a discounted price and pass those savings on to you. In many cases, there is still remaining warranty.

Can I purchase an extended warranty?
We offer extended warranties on most of our desktop computers. The value of these warranties will appear in the product descriptions. All extended warranties we provide are a carry-in warranty, which means you must send the item back to us. Please see our Warranty & Returns section for details.

Please note: Pricing and quantities listed on this website are for promotional purposes only. While we strive to ensure the product prices, descriptions and quantities on this website are accurate and up-to-date, errors and changes do sometimes occur. We reserve the right to correct pricing at the time of sale.

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