Privacy Policy

THE TRAILING EDGE only collects information that you provide to us voluntarily. For in-store purchases, we may ask for your name, address, and phone number, which helps us expedite warranty claims should you come back without a receipt. It is also often required by manufacturers who need to see customer information on the original receipt when you're sending goods back for repair under the manufacturer's warranty.

Some of you may prefer to communicate by email, and thus may provide us an email address.

All of this information is kept in strict confidence, and we never disseminate or sell any customer details.

We maintain a Mailing List, which you may choose to subscribe to, in exchange for emailed store specials. This list is controlled internally and is never made available to anyone. Also, emails that are provided to us are never added to the Mailing List; you must manually subscribe yourself. You may also unsubscribe yourself at any time.

When purchasing online, you will be asked to register. The registration process will ask for your name, your shipping address, your phone number, and your email. As with our in-store customers, this information is confidential and never released. Unlike in-store purchases, the information we request online is required, so that we know to where and to whom we're shipping the goods.

All online purchases are handled through PayPal, which maintains its own privacy policy. THE TRAILING EDGE is not privy to credit card or any banking information that you provide to PayPal.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact us.