Service and Repairs

Computer not turning on? Have a nasty virus? Just running too slow? The Trailing Edge service department is here for you! Our expert technicians have the tools, knowledge and experience to make your computer frustrations go away. We repair and service desktops, laptops, tablets and smart phones. Drop by the store at your convenience and leave your machine with us. We'll get it back in shape in no time. No appointment necessary.

Unable to bring your machine to us? No problem! We also offer on-site service. Contact us to schedule an appointment and a technician will come to your home or place of business to fix the problem. See our on-site service rates below.

Looking for corporate services? Please click here.


Virus & Malware Removal - Removal of computer viruses/malware and installation of antivirus software (sold separately). $150
System Tuneup - A variety of software and hardware maintenance tasks to boost your computer's speed. $90
Dust Removal - Dust and debris removed from fans, air vents, heatsinks, and internal components. $20


          Website Services, Digital Marketing & SEO Services
Standard WordPress Website, up to 20 pages $6250
Lite WordPress Website, up to 8 pages $3750
Standard Wix Website, up to 20 pages $2500
Lite Wix Website, up to 8 pages $1250
Standard Shopify Website, up to 20 pages $3750
Lite Shopify Website, up to 8 pages $2500
Monthly Digital Marketing & SEO (Standard package) $625
Monthly Digital Marketing & SEO (Advanced package) $1250


Data Backup - Data backup of 3TB or less to an external storage device (sold separately). Pricing based on amount of data. $50 - $120
Data Transfer - Data transfer of 3TB or less from old computer or storage device to new machine. Pricing based on amount of data. $60 - $130
Data Clone - Direct clone from one hard drive to another, or restoration from a backup image. Price varies based on possible data,  boot sector and file structure corruption issues, that need to be repaired for a successful clone. $50-90
Applications Transfer - Transfer programs to one machine to another. $50
Basic Data Recovery - Recovery of data from failing or unreadable media. Pricing based on time required. $120 - $199
Advanced Data Recovery - Recovery of data from media that is badly damaged, completely failed or infected by a cryptographic virus. CALL

Computer Password Removal - Removal of local computer password. Proof of machine ownership required. $40
Microsoft Account Password Removal - Circumvention of Microsoft Account on Windows 8 or 10, creation of new local account, and data migration if needed. Customer must prove they own the machine. $80
Microsoft Account Password Recovery - Guided Microsoft Account password recovery for Windows login or Office activation. $40

Email Client Setup - Configuration of Microsoft Outlook and other email clients. $30
Operating System Installation - Installation of Windows/macOS/Linux with updates and drivers. $100
Software Installation and Configuration - Installation and configuration of general software. $20

Hardware Installation - Setup (per install) of hardware and drivers, additional software required for use, and basic functionality testing. $20
Power Supply (PSU) Replacement - Power supply replacement with system testing and cable management. Does not include parts. $40
Custom Builds - Assembly of new or used computer parts and testing to ensure functionality. Operating system installation is offered at a 50% discount. $100

Hinge Repair - Disassembly and repair or replacement of laptop screen hinge. Does not include parts. Cost increases with multiple hinges and points of failure. $120+
D/C Jack Repair - Disassembly and repair of laptop DC jack. Does not include parts. $120
D/C Jack Replacement - Disassembly and replacement of laptop DC jack. Does not include parts. $90
Screen Replacement - Disassembly and replacement of laptop screen or cables. Does not include parts. $90
Keyboard Replacement - Disassembly and replacement of laptop keyboard. Does not include parts. $40
Fan Replacement - Disassembly and replacement of laptop cooling fan. Does not include parts. $90

On-Site Service - Service of your computer in your home or business. Travel fees extra. $115/hour
On-Site Service Travel Fee - Travel within 10km of our store. Additional $4/km after 10km up to 25km. Please call for distances beyond 25km. $25+
Pick Up and Drop Off Service - We will pick up your machine, bring it to our store to perform service work (charged separately), then bring it back and reconnect it. Travel fees included within 10km of our store. Please call for distances greater than 10km (maximum 20km at $6/km). $50
Business Networks - Professional network setups, maintenance and troubleshooting for your business. CALL

Non-refundable deposit for diagnosis. Labour will be discounted by the deposit amount. Please allow 3-5 business days for any and all service, or in unusually busy times 5-7 business days. Business days does not include Saturday or Sunday, nor the day of drop-off. For laptops, please bring the power plug. We may not be able to perform service on your laptop without it.