Why Buy Refurbished?

Buying refurbished has several benefits for both you and the environment. Nearly all our refurbished systems are "business class" machines originally intended for use in professional settings. These machines are subject to the high standards of quality assurance during manufacuring that large organizations demand. This means that on average they have very long lifespans.

In terms of cost, you will benefit from the superior performance to cost ratio of refurbished business machines. Dollar for dollar, these machines offer more computing power than a brand new unit at the same price.

By buying refurbished, you are also doing your part to help the environment. Buying refurbished prevents perfectly good machines from needlessly being thrown into landfills. It also prevents the needless production of another brand new machine, which generates more pollution and contributes to climate change.

Here at The Trailing Edge we strive to ensure that you find a machine that meets your needs. Whether you just need to read your emails and browse the web or you need high end professional computing, our sales staff will work with you to make sure you find a machine that's just right for you.