Philips Home Theater Surge Protector

by Philips
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Philips Home Theatre surge protector has $350,000 warranty

8 outlets

4' power cord

4320 joules of protection

Power blocker automatically shuts down power to the connected devices

Additional protected phone and coax connections

LED lights let you know if your surge protector is functioning properly

Integrated automatic child safety outlets help keep children safe from accidental shocks

Ideal for: HDTV, Satellite, Computer/Laptop, Game Console, Audio Systems, Printer, & Scanner

Manufacturer's Warranty Only

Manufacturer: Philips
Protection: 4320 joules
Warranty: $350,000
Outlets: 8
Adapter Spaced Outlets: Yes (3)
Cord Length: 4 ft.
Phone, Fax, Modem: Yes
Coax: Yes
Other Features: Child Safety Outlets, Power Blocker

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