USB 3.1 Type C to DisplayPort Adapter

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USB 3.1 Type C USB to DisplayPort Adapter turns an available USB C port into an DisplayPort output

Reversible USB Type C
Until now, the various types of USB Type A and B have had an asymmetrical design, which means that there is a top and a bottom, which has made plugging in an USB cable by feel a little bit frustrating to some users. Also, the old USB standards are relatively slow and carry very little charging power. USB 3.1 standard introduces the new symmetrical/reversible Type C connector

Connect your device's USB-C input to a DisplayPort HDTV or computer monitor

Mirror your device to your DisplayPort enabled TV or monitor

Can support a maximum resolution of up to 3840x2160

Quick, easy installation

USB-powered - No external power adapter required

Supports audio and video

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